About us

The genesis

Alain COTY, Electrotechnical Engineer, issued from  aerospace sector, gets passionate about brushless motors and current commutation in the photovoltaic field.

His credo… Enhance reliability of solar installations. His innovation… a disruptive technology with an unprecedented switching mode. His product… A self-switched solar motor, the 1st solar motor in the world.

Alain works with a team of scientific experts: Lionel VIDO, lecturer at Industrial Computing and Electrical Engineering (GEII) Department for the expérimentations on new motors. Loïc QUEVAL, post-doctoral Professor at GeePs-CentraleSupelec -Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory of Paris- for research works on motors performances.

2016, Gen X

Isabelle GALLET-COTY, Applied Physics Engineer and CEO of SAUREA, got the motor out of the laboratory and gave it a physical and commercial reality.

2019, Gen X

The 2nd man, Gilles COTY, Mechanical Engineer, son of the inventor, joigned the team as Technical Director. 

2019, Gen Z

Louise COTY joigned SAUREA as Business Developper.

The team

Gilles Coty

Technical Director

Mechanical Engineer

Jordan Demangeot

Development Engineer

Isabelle Gallet Coty


Applied Physics Engineer

Magali Louault

Chief Customer Officer

Louise Coty

Community manager


« Our little green revolution for humans and nature »

Management based on Values

Exogenous values

Ethics, excellence, innovation

Endogenous values

Creativity, sharing, passion, responsibility

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