Teaching / Research


Dissemination of teaching on renewable energies and on Sustainable Development from high school to engineering schools, not forgetting university.

An innovative and versatile educational tool to put in practice the teaching of a process using renewable energy !

  • Under natural or artificial sunlight, the motor starts alone and an additional photovoltaic module increases its power. 

  • The motor can be used as a simple demonstrator, can drive a  mechanical device designed and built in class, or can be used for measurement and experimentation practical works!

3 possible configurations







For conducting projects on the transformation of solar energy directly into mechanical energy.

Autonomous solar motor system to drive any mechanism

1 kit including :

  • 1 Solar Motor type MPA-100 (diameter 70 cm, weight 20 kg)

  • 3 Solar panels

  • Panel Supports

  • Connectors and cable

Application of the different physical principles of the auto-switched photovoltaic motor.

1 kit including :

  • 1 Solar Motor type MPA-100 (diameter 70 cm;, weight 20 kg)

  • 1 Motor Support

  • Cable 1 m and connectors MC4

  • 1 Aluminium lighting bench (4 halogen spotlights 400 W, bright color 2800 K, luminous flux 8600 lm.
    imensions : 70 x 70 x 95 cm)

  • Instrumentation accessories on request

To illustrate the courses on renewable energy and environmental preservation.

Transportable, the engine starts to run without power or batteries as soon as it is exposed to the sun or an equivalent light source (halogen light)


1 kit including :

  • 1 solar Motor type MSED (diameter 27 cm, weight 1.9 kg)

  • 1 Motor Support

  • 1 Storage case  (46 x 33 x 15 cm, weight 3 kg)