Frequently Asked Questions

Does SAUREA Motor produce electricity ?

This is not the primary purpose of the motor. The SAUREA innovation is the transformation of solar energy into mechanical energy. The sun shines, the motor turns and drives a mechanical system for pumping, ventilation…
However, it is possible to drive an alternator, but we better recommend using PV panels directly.

What does SAUREA mean ?

SOLAR AUTONOMOUS RELIABLE APPLICATIONS = S.AU.RE.A SAUREA’s mission is to sustain solar installations and accelerate the energy transition with a new generation of motors.

What are dimensions and weight of SAUREA motor MPA100 ?

Dimensions are : diameter : 70 cm / height : 22 cm Weight : 20 kg

What is the price of SAUREA solution ?

SAUREA offers either a motorization kit alone or with a drive interface for an existing system (pump...), or a complete motorized system (pumping, ventilation, water mixing...).

The budget will then vary according to the expected system.

Do not hesitate to consult us. We will study with you the solution best suited to your needs.

I have a piece of land without any access to network but with a water point. Could I use SAUREA motor?

Yes, the SAUREA engine is designed for off-grid sites. It can result in pumping systems for water pumping and transfer. Depending on the configuration of the site and your needs, we can define and offer you the most suitable system.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

I have a pond, I wish to set up the banks and to vegetate walls, and then, irrigate them with a drip system. Could I use SAUREA Motor ?

Yes, it is possible to couple the SAUREA motor to a pump and to feed a drip irrigation system during the day or to store water in a tank to be able to irrigate outside of sunny periods.

What equipment can I drive with the SAUREA Motor ?

The SAUREA motor can drive small power rotating mechanical devices such as : pumps, fans, air extraction turbines, compressors, water misting / mixing / agitation systems, small agricultural devices (kneader, crusher, sheller...), ...
In a completely different register, the SAUREA motor can result in moving art works...

Can I store energy with the SAUREA Motor ?

No, the SAUREA motor does not store electrical energy. Our solution is battery-free, environmentally friendly.
However, on a pumping application, it is possible to store water in a reservoir, for example.

Can the SAUREA motor charge batteries ?

The originality of this motor lies in the fact that it directly transforms the energy of the sun into a driving force. It is mainly intended to drive systems to pump water, ventilate school or agricultural premises, drive machines for artisanal use... etc... If the function you are looking for is only to recharge batteries, it would be better to use photovoltaic panels through a regulator.

Where can we buy SAUREA Motors ?

You can buy the motor directly from SAUREA: we are based in Auxerre, Burgundy.

SAUREA distributes its solutions in France and worldwide.

Customer Service :
Phone: +33 (0)3 86 51 89 38
E-mail address :

Is it possible to equip existing installations with the SAUREA motor, that is to say, to simply replace the existing motor?

Is is indeed possible to motorize a hand pump or other pump technologies... The principle is that the SAUREA motorization kit can remain exposed to the sun.

Is it possible to drive a solar pump with the SAUREA motor ?

Most solar pumps are submerged centrifugal pumps with an integrated motor (motor pumps) positioned at the bottom of a well. It is therefore not possible to connect the SAUREA motor, which must remain on the surface in the sun.
SAUREA offers other innovative solar pumping solutions of surface, medium depth pumping...

Can I drive a vehicle with the SAUREA motor ?

The solar motor is intended for stationary installations. It is possible to motorize a small vehicle such as a small boat but the propulsion will no longer be made when the sun disappears. Additional PV panels must also be planned on board.

Where can I see an installation with the SAUREA motor ?

Most of the installations are private. However, it is possible to see our pumping systems on Avignon and Auxerre sites.

Contact us to visit them.

See also our website :

MP Kits : To what corresponds the indicated value MPA50-100-200 ?

The indicated value is the power supplied at motor shaft (with PV panels), expressed in peak mechanical watt.

MPA100: 130 Wc

For both models nextly available :

MPA200: 250 Wc

MPA50: 40 Wc

"The motor will provide the equivalent power of a fit person.” Then, the motor alone is not enough to be effective?

The 130 mechanical Watts are obtained by connecting 3 low voltage PV panels in parallel.

The motor alone is equipped with 12 PV cells and provides 13 mechanical W power, which generates its rotation.

The mechanical 130 Watts for driving the devices are obtained by connecting 3 low voltage PV panels in parallel.

This mechanical power of 130 W corresponds to the human effort required to raise a water column at a depth of 20m, for example.

Should the motor be connected to photovoltaic panels ?

Yes, the SAUREA motor runs autonomously but its power is increased thanks to the direct connection of photovoltaic panels to drive the mechanical devices.

What type of panels is used ?

To be compatible with the SAUREA motor, the additional PV panels must not exceed 20 VDC and have a power of 150 WC mini.

What would be the power of the MPA100 motor without additional PV panels ?

The motor alone provides 13 mechanical W power, which generates its rotation.
The mechanical 130 Watts for driving the devices are obtained by connecting 3 low voltage PV panels in parallel.

This mechanical power of 130 W corresponds to the human effort required to raise a water column at a depth of 20m, for example.

Is the SAUREA motor protected from rain and sand ?

The motor is proof to water and sand: it is protected by a sealed cover and the connection is water resistant. The sealing of the rotating part is ensured by a double system of labyrinth and seals.

How can I protect my installation from theft or vandalism ?

The motor and the PV panels are exposed to the same risks when installed in an unguarded space. The solutions are either to use anti-theft fixing screws, or to install the equipment in height, or in an enclosed or screened area. Note that any obstacle between the motor, PV panels and the sun can reduce performance.

May the SAUREA engine be installed by the sea ?

The SAUREA engine is designed to operate outdoors in all weather conditions. For a saline atmosphere, a "marine" version will be available soon.

It is written that the motor runs as soon as he is exposed to the sun. Then, it is not possible to stop it as long as there is sunlight ?

The motor runs as soon as it is exposed to the sun and delivers all its power when connected to additional PV panels.

To stop it, SAUREA offers either a circuit breaker or an emergency stop button via a PV protection and control module without electronics or battery.

Photovoltaic cells are under the white top of the motor - why is this side not transparent? That would allow photovoltaic cells to absorb even more light, right ?

The upper part of the motor is essential for its operation. The top of the motor is equipped with a rotating disc (shutter) pierced by windows, that alternately illuminate and hide the cells, that is necessary for the switching of phases, thus for the rotation of the motor. This disc is attached to the motor rotor shaft. Without this disc or with a transparent disc, the motor would stop running (a magnetic brake would be created). In addition, this disc has the triple advantage of :

Self-cleaning of the motor buit-in PV panel

Cooling to maintain PV cell performance

Creating a flywheel to absorb torque peaks (ex: piston pump)

Does the SAUREA motor operate at night ?

No, it’s a solar engine, it needs to be exposed to the sun to operate.
However, it is possible to light the engine at night, but only if the light spectrum is equivalent to that of the sun and that this lighting system does not make any shade to the motor and PV panels during the day.

Where can I find technical documentation ?

Contact us for detailed documentation.

What is the warranty period for the SAUREA motor ?

The standard warranty period for the SAUREA motor is 2 years.
SAUREA proposes to extend the warranty of the motor to 10 years by combining it with a protection and control module that will stop the motor in case of any mechanical locking.

What are delivery times ?

Standard delivery time is 6 weeks for a motorization kit and 8 to 12 weeks for a complete system.

Is the SAUREA motor accessible to individuals ?

To date, SAUREA offers its solution to public or private entities, we do not work directly with individuals We are now focusing on building a network of close partners to meet demand based on applications types. Contact us to know the possibilities.