Foire aux questions

How deep will I go?

During the course you will complete 4 open water dives to a maximum depth of 40 metres. Diving to 40 metres is not mandatory however and will depend on environmental conditions and the students comfort levels.

Is this a technical diving course?

No, this is not a technical diving course but a recreational diving course that extends your recreational diving limit to 40 metres. Even though extended planning and equipment considerations are covered during the course, this will not qualify you to complete more advanced technical diving.

Do I need to use a twinset?

Is there anything to see? Isn't it just cold and dark?

Even though deeper diving exposes you to cooler temperatures and lower light levels, there's plenty to see and experience. Enjoy those deeper wrecks that are less exposed to tidal movement & are more intact or experience the amazing marine life that inhabits deeper water.

Will my travel/dive insurance cover me to dive to 40 metres?

Even though you complete the course, this does not mean that your insurance policy will automatically cover you to 40 metres. Whilst some policies will cover you to your certification level, others specifically set shallower depth limits. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm your cover.

Will I do decompression stops?

No, this is a recreational dive course and all dives will be planned and executed within no decompression limits. Even though emergency decompression procedures are covered and practiced, all dives during and after the course must be conducted within the no stop limits.