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Customer testimonials :

"We were looking for a way to use the water from our well to supply two closed-circuit ponds, a seedling greenhouse and a 600m2 vegetable garden. The current global context pushes us to tp daily question ourselves and to seek sustainable solutions.

The solution proposed by SAUREA met all our needs and our convictions."

"The solar pumping service provided by SAUREA company has made it possible to bring, the water needed for plants grown as part of a community garden project, and this using solar energy.

This solution contributes in particular to preserving drinking water and electricity ressources."

WiSEEDers testimonials :

Nicole R. - February, 26th 2021

  •  "I invested in SAUREA project because I find this idea of a solar motor without electronics, of "simple" design, easily dismantled, without rare earths, of which most of the elements are manufactured, very interesting, judicious and beautiful, assembled and tested in France. And knowing that the team is already working on a more powerful engine and remains attentive to other innovations to be put in synergy with its own, comforts me in the idea that this project has a future and that it must be support."

Rachel B. - February, 28th 2021

  •  "Beautiful project for energetic renewal"

Patrice François B. - March, 1st 2021

  •  "The developed product is promising for developing/emerging countries in sub-Saharan Africa and ASEAN"

Andre L. - March, 1st 2021

  •  "I was convinced by the arguments of the SAUREA speakers on WiSEED website : simplicity, reliability of the engine, innovation unique in the world."

Eric E. - March, 1st 2021

  •  "Project of the future that will find its way also on the national territory."

Emmanuel G. - March, 3rd 2021

  •  "I have invested because I see potential future applications"

Andre L. - March, 1st 2021

  •  "The ecological transition is urgent. The proposed motor i sideal for smal jobs in areas that are not connected, especially in countries or regions that do not have a reliable network."

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