The Motor

This completely new generation of motor works with the sun and allows to drive low power mechanical devices like pumps, water misters, ventilation turbines, water mixing systems, small agricultural devices…

It provides a mechanical energy :

  • In off-grid sites, mainly in rural areas.

  • For an energy mix in urban area

Gilles Coty explains how the motor works


SAUREA’S challenge is to make more reliable motorised solar installations in sun-rich areas. The Self-Switched Motor converts directly solar energy into mechanical energy : Developped energy allows to drive mechanical devices requiring low power.

In isolated sites or in urban areas for energy mix, the motor ensures durability in use without maintenance for 20 years.

Reliable and durable, it has a low environmental impact.

The       of the motor :

No mecanichal wear part, no electronic component in this motor: 20 years without maintenance and without efficiency loss !

  • Extreme simplicity of use

  • Reliability, sustainability, robustness

  • Perfectly adapted for sun-rich areas deprived of electricity where maintenance operations can be complex even impossible.

Low environmental impact:

  • Uses a natural, free and clean energy (off-grid running)

  • No waste produced

  • No permanent magnet

  • No sensor

  • No rare metals

  • No fine-particles emission

  • Economic: reduction of the energy bill.


PV Cells + electric motor

Direct Current

Simple          Need for maintenance (brushes)

Examples of products running under Direct Current: toy (little car..) (battery), laptop, mobile, cars starter, LED light, rechargeable tooling…

PV Cells + Electronics + Electric Motor

Alternating Current

Good efficiency          Not reliable (Electronics)

Examples of products running under Alternating Current: household appliances, various toolings…

The SAUREA solution

Mechanical energy

Solar energy is directly converted into mechanical energy.

Motor alone

Motor + Photovoltaic cells = Increased Power

130 WATT = Human Power

Range of SAUREA motors 

SAUREA is working on the development of its range of motors to propose further powers 

Motor with additional photovoltaic pannels

130 mechanical W

1000 rpm

Motor with additional photovoltaic pannels

250 mechanical W

1500 rpm

Motor with integrated panels

40 mechanical W

800 rpm

MPA 100

700 x 120 mm

Available for purchase

MPA 200

700 x 160 mm

Available on purchase on 2021

MPA 50

900 X 1700  mm

On development

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