Kinetic art & water games


Kinetic art & Water games 

When art comes out of the galleries and invites itself in the city, the place of artistic creation invites itself outside with new forms, new functions... new technologies also to intensify and sensitize the relation between the urban phenomenon, the artistic creation and the technical innovation: that of the solar autonomous movement with the kinetic art which puts our cities in movement with the rotating scultures, the rotating and ludic water games


Motorization of a kinetic sculpture

Outdoor art for everyone

coupled with a sober and free energy 


Kinetic art

Very concretely, kinetic art translates into the creation of works comprising one or more moving parts,

which can be animated by the solar engine according to the ambient sunlight. The latter can be directly in motion or involve the displacement, and thus the optical movement, of the spectator. It is a sensory experience, transforming our visual perceptions, using mostly industrial materials.

Whether it is the mobility of the piece itself, the optical movement, the work of art becomes by its own substance, by its own nature, constantly and perhaps indefinitely recreable

Stravinsky Fountain


 The kinetic art becomes indeed a tool, a means to shake up our architectural landscapes. It is really a question of apprehending the space in its aesthetic and cultural mobility, without consumption of energy that that of the sun.

 Exfiltrate the culture out of the museums to democratize the art, 

To embellish by the color and by the movement: Such is the initial ambition of the kinetic art relayed by SAUREA.

The movement of the work, that 

of the spectator that rhythm and activate the urban spaces.

Water games

Water often rhymes with pleasure: Water games are conducive to socialization, relaxation in a cool environment 

Exterior water wall with waterfall on decorative load bearing wall.

Beautification of ornamental ponds in urban parks.

"Jeu D'eau" with playful animation of ponds and water bodies.