Cool spots


Freshness islands & vegetated islands for an ecological urbanism

Cool feeling, slightly cold temperature, pulsating air: so many words that characterize the delicious sensation of coolness that people need so much during hot spells, especially in the city. The cause is the lack of vegetation, the concrete and asphalt that accumulate heat, the lack of vegetation, shaded and equipped places to find the time of a break, a walk, a comfortable, airy, cooled space, which can be enjoyed by the family.


The SAUREA engine has the major advantage of being able to drive ventilation and pump to create the cool island of the future, mobile, autonomous and responsible, without battery, with the sun, in any space outside the electrical network and outside the drinking water network if necessary.


Solutions do exist, but it is important to choose those best adapted to the local context and to think carefully about their implementation.

NB: Parks, small concentrates of vegetation, create oases of coolness that are all the more effective if there is a fine watering system during heat waves (otherwise the expected effect is divided by 4). The more mature the parks are, the greater the cooling effect.

Supporting structures : pergola, shades...

A haven of coolness, the pergola protects from the sun with its green roof and is also designed for animal comfort 

Autonomous misting connected to the drinking water network

Coupled with a fan, the feeling of freshness is increased tenfold 

In urban areas with an energy mix

Facing a warmer tomorrow requires a sensible urban transformation: The autonomous solar engine

improves thermal comfort and contributes to the lowering of local temperatures by driving green cooling devices based on nature, plants and water.

Self-contained cool islands

Associated with the solar engine, the water pumping and ventilation allows an immediate sensation of freshness with a significant drop in temperature

Oasis of coolness

Green solutions based on nature (plants, water) are soft methods at the heart of the solar engine's operation

Fogging in the city 

On the terraces of cafes ... can enjoy the solar misting: The operation is continuous with an energy mix adapted or quasi-continuous depending on the sunshine