Ventilation & Air Extraction


Ventilation & Air Extraction

Fighting against heat is a major imperative with the high temperatures endured all over the world: this thermal comfort often implies a significant energy consumption and a disastrous carbon footprint. 

However, solutions exist and it is possible to significantly reduce consumption with the use of the SAUREA solar engine: it drives a fan or an air extractor in single flow, in autonomous mode, with the sun, without battery, in an area off the electrical grid or in an urban area, and moreover with an energy mix that is completely adapted.

Fan, extractor and air turbine motorization

Mounting on a side wall 

In urban areas with an energy mix

The motor drives a ventilation system that renews the air and regulates humidity. Ventilation is a key sector whose role is to ensure healthy and comfortable air with the constant challenge of minimizing the energy consumption generated.

The autonomous solar ventilation allows to improve significantly the indoor environmental quality and the comfort of the occupants, of the public & private housing, industrial, agricultural, buildings with educational use...


Autonomous solar horizontal ceiling ventilation (blade drive) 

Autonomous vertical ventilation of greenhouses, agricultural buildings...  

Ventilation & Extraction of air by autonomous turbine motorization 

Off-Grid Sites

Ventilation is of course an essential equipment for the minimum comfort of every individual on earth but also for livestock.   

Breakdown of classes  

The action of the motor allows a slow and regular mixing of the air directly linked to the sun's radiation thus allowing a self-regulation of the ventilation 

Ventilation of homes 

Ventilation is active as soon as the sun rises for comfort inside the family home, without any energy bill  

 stalls, hay drying...

Ideal for animal comfort in the field of breeding but also for agricultural buildings

Our facilities

The pilot plants installed by SAUREA are part of various registers

June 2021 - GPSS

Ventilation system for the GPSS group in Japan in an off-grid site for cows: The fans are used to supplement the natural ventilation.  

January 2021 - Burkina Faso 

Installation of a solar ventilation system for a classroom in Burkina Faso

In partnership with Electriciens Sans Frontières

In addition to a solar pumping installation for the irrigation of a community house

September 2022 - SNCF - Marles-en-Brie station

Installation of a solar air extraction system for a deserted room in the Marles-En-Brie train station