A virtuous collaboration : GREENPACT & SAUREA

SAUREA & GREENPACT pool their energy !

"Tell me Greenpact, what attracted you to SAUREA ?"

1. The big challenge of making motorized solar installations more reliable by producing mechanical energy from solar energy all over the world. 🌍

2. The innovative technology : first autonomous solar motor without electronics, i.e. with direct connection to photovoltaïc modules, without maintenance, with, an energy bill and a extreme reliability in very sunny areas. ☀️

3. The strong ecological impact of the solar motor that can be installed anywhere, off-grid, a sustainable and responsible composition with a clean solar technology : reliable, simple, sustainable, durable, robust, without wear parts, without magnets, without rare earth, no fine particle emissions, no rare metals, no waste produced. 🌿

4. We are won over by the mission of this high-potential company, that we have chosen to support in order ti accelerate its development and optimize its impact so that this solution benefits as many people as possible.

A virtous collaboration : Greenpact and SAUREA pool their resoruces to accelerate the market access of this technology & raise funds to finance its deployment.

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