After I-Lab 🏆, Go to I-nov Challenge : To follow 🔜

In 2015 : SAUREA is the winner of I-Lab challenge which highlights French research associated with "business creation" and "innovative technology".

In 2021 : the logical continuation with the I-Nov challenge -Wave 7 [BPI-ADEME], a new call for projects that :

1. Aims to support innovative projects led by start-ups and SMEs

2. Supports the accelerated emergence of companies with the potential to become world-class leaders in their field.

SAUREA has its place there and applies for excellence but also for this far from negligible source of financing, which is far from negligible, between €600K and €5M.

The 4 themes operated by ADEME are :

1. Renewable energy, storage and energy systems, including hydrogen :

2. Sustainable and smart mobility ;

3. Challenges of the energy and ecological transition in industry and agriculture ;

4. Water and biodiversity.

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