Autonomous Solar Misting : SAUREA has started its R&D work ☀️ 🆒💦

Summer is coming with constantly increasing outdoor temperatures due to climate change that now affects all countries on all continents :

SAUREA presents its 1st prototype of Autonomous Solar Misting System which will be perfectly adapted :

- Indoor or outdoor, connected or not (terraces, parks, exhibitions, events, beaches...)

- In agroecology (livestock housing, disease control, culture, cattle farming etc...)

It will bring freshness and comfort by lowering the temperature, will treat, purify the air, disinfect [solution against COVID-19 for example], reduce dust, repel insects, reduce harmful odours.

Its strenghts :

- Mobile, ergonomic with a ultra-simple use.

- Hyper-economical (only tank to fill)

- Natural self-regulation according to sunlight

- No CO2 emissions

Currently in the testing phase, the optimized and designed Autonomous Solar Misting System will be available for sale and for rent from the moment it is marketed.

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