Making the sun a source of water ☀️ 💦

Saturday, June 26th, 11:58PM... Tomorrow exactly, the WiSEED collection will end.

SAUREA has estimated more than €1 million in quotes in 2021 with privileged access to the emerging countries.

Concrete and promising perspectives :

- Direction Ivory Coast for the motorization of local hand pump with steering wheel or lever with a potential market of several hundreds of motor kits,

- A large market in Zambia on an isolated site for a market of more than 500 autonomous pumping systems in 2021 with a ramp-up over the next three years, with local job creation to allow people self-sufficiency,

- Senegal with a potential market of 10 000 solar powered pumps over 3 years !

We are committed to enabling NGOs to buy our motorize kits : optimized costs that align with indirect pumping competition.

This year 2021 will be the year of the realization of our efforts as we will fulfill our commitments to better perfom commercially.

We will rise to the challenge of being a major player in autonomous solar, quickly, very quickly... as of 2022 internationally, in urban areas, in rural areas, in mountainous areas, in tourist areas...

Making solar installations more reliable is our challenge, faith of SAUREA.

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