SAUREA in "A picking architecture to reconstruct the look" in the region of Thymerais (28)

"That project is a food production garden based on the ecosystem model of the forest.

It is made-up of large trees (walnut, linden, chestnut, oak, birch...), of small trees (cherries, meurisiers, apples, nephalers, peaches, apricots, figs, persimmons...) and shrubs (blackcurrants,blueberries, currants, hazelnuts...).

Perennial vegetables, amoratic plants and flowers are mixed with trees and form an agrosystem.

This composition allows both a better resilience of the plants and a reduction of the work of the gardeners.

The autonomous solar motor SAUREA drives the pump to lift the rainwater from the recovery tanks :

- for the irrigation of fruits and vegetables crops.

- in the workshop, for cleaning and rinsing of fruits and vegetables.

Some of the energy from the PV panels is also used for the lighting of the workshop and the charging of phones and laptops.

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