SAUREA in partnership with ESF (Electriciens sans Frontières) in BURKINA FASO 💧

The next step at Saint Robert Bellarmin High School near to Ouagadougou Installation of the first MPA 200 solar motor.

In partership with "Electriciens Sans Frontières" that we thank for their trust, the very first MPA 200 motor, second model in our range, will come to motorize the local pump VOLANTA (pump made locally) to optimize its performance.

👉 Feedback on the project initiated by the NGO ESF, Electriciens sans Frontières ➡️ Allow the self-sufficiency of Saint Robert Bellarmin High School.

Welcoming now more than 350 students under the responsability of the "Sisters of the Immaculate Conception", Saint Robert Bellarmin High School had no access to electricity before the missions conducted locally by ESF.

Access to water is provided by a pump driven by an expensive and polluting thermal motor, is inadequate.

In addition, the excess of power of the motor accelerates the wear of the pump.

ESF therefore wanted to rehabilitate this pump by experimenting with the SAUREA solar motor.

After a successful start-up with the MPA 100 motor (130 mechanical Watt) in January 2021, the MPA 200 (250 mechanical Watt) will soon be put in place to optimize pumping performances for the water needs of the students and those of the market gardening project for food sufficiency purposes.

In addition to improving of the conditions of access to water, SAUREA also installed an autonomous ventilation system in one of the classrooms to improve the study conditions of the students during the day.


Thank you to all the supervisors and students of the High School for their warm welcome and cooperation! Thank you to the active members of ESF for their confidence and their unfailling support in this project !

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