The MPA200, second motor of the range, DOUBLE POWER in the laboratory of SATIE !

SAUREA is staying the course and is currently working on the characterization of the MPA 200 motor [≈ 250 W mecanic] to adjust its field of use, to test the conditions at the motor operating limits in terms of increased performance.

Its goal ? Optimal operation of the existing model, double power version.

How ? By varying settings, power supply parameters... in the SATIE laboratory.

Why ? To widen the field of applications for which the MPA 100 motor [30 mecanical Watt] motor is at its operating limit : it means pumping deeper, operating devices requiring twice as much energy...

* SATIE : Laboratory of Systems & Applications of Information & Energy Technologies : CNRS, l'ENS Paris-Saclay, ENS Rennes, CNAM Paris, University of Cergy Pontoise, University of Paris Sud and IFSTTAR ]. 😊 ☀️

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